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The T.C.M., founded in 1991, is a firm that opera in industry in the branch of mechanics of precision and, in particular, in the field of turning and milling, starting from the smallest to the largest dimensions, all on commission. The market of reference is that of mechanics industry, that mainly dealing of :

  • Accessories for the windows;
  • Railway signaling;
  • Metering and measuring instruments for electricity and gas;
  • Moto and Automotive Industry, Aerospace;
  • Modeling;
  • Dental Implants.

Our works, thanks to gradual and costant investments, are essentially accomplished from machineries traditional and CNC of high technology.

In the course of its business, has established itself to the pursuit of the excellences of its products and services offered to customers in order their needs. In this way, society was based on using advanced techniques and the selection and training of personnel.
A company growing, dynamic, constantly attentive to the needs of the market is evolving in recent years, has won a large slice of the market thanks to a policy based primarily on quality. In fact, the investments made in recent years, are served to improve the quality, to saves on costs, to compared to national and European regulations to ensure the safety of workers to protect their health.

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